Worried? Guess Retirement Income, or Guarantee Retirement income

Is your retirement income a GUESS or a GUARANTEE?  Here is how we are different ..

What is the Benefit of a “RESET”

A very BIG benefit!

Contract established July 05, 2011 resets July 05, 2014.


The Death Benefit Guarantee

  • resets from $377,553.82 TO $438,851.23, a benefit increase of $61,298.


The Bonus Base Guarantee

Resets from $401,300 TO $438,851

  • resets the ANNUAL BONUS from $20,065 TO $21,943, a 9.35% INCREASE.


Come in and see for yourself.  519.670.3177 or ted@tedwernham.com

Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
Ranked # 1 in London by MDRT, the Premier Association of Financial Professionals. retirement income manager, Host Retirement Ready! Radio on AM1290 Ted Wernham