20 years ago, your average retiree received a pension cheque every month. Today when you retire, you’re given a wheelbarrow of money to manage yourself…if you get anything at all.

Now that nobody’s doing our retirement thinking for us, the most pressing question asked in our FREE Workshops is this: ‘Am I spending too much money this year?’

Get the answers you need

Most Canadians, retired or otherwise, have not determined the amount of money they need for a comfortable retirement. How can you be sure that your retirement income will last as long as you do?

Find the answer to this and other pressing questions facing Canadians. If you are retired or within 10 years of retirement, we can show you how to end up with more money at end of each month. It’s not rocket science…it’s just solid financial planning.

Discover the building blocks of a worry-free retirement. Meet Wernham Wealth Management staff, interact with others on similar issues, and determine for yourself our expertise in providing solid advice and guidance on retirement—a unique set of skills not found anywhere else.

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