Wernham offers Globe and Mail "advice that is right on the money"

Re:  Money Market Funds Feel the Squeeze, July 23, 2013
Thank you for alerting Canadians to the opportunities available in money market funds vis a vis bank accounts, or even short-term GIC products.
Our firm provides retirement income and asset management services.  Our blog can be found at www.boomerwealthcoach.ca
We note that you have excluded segregated funds in researching the 15 top performers over three years.  The money market fund that we recommend to our clientele has a 0% MER, and outperforms those funds that you highlighted in your article.
For the period ending July 23, 2013, based on your date of inception, and depositing $100,000, would have yielded $2,244.17 in interest earnings on the recommended fund you provided the public, namely the Matrix Short-Term Income (corporate class).  It is true on a year-to-date basis that return would have been .53%, (about $538.60).
Please compare those results to the Money Market Fund that we recommend.  Over the same period, using the same deposit, the earnings would have been $4,605.82.  The year to date return would have been $898.90.  This would result in 67% more interest earned this year, to date.
For greater certainty, we are pleased to advise that the results that we obtained and have referenced, came from the gobeadvisor.com template that we use frequently.
Along with the extraordinarily greater performance, there are significant advantages to segregated funds that we share as a matter of practice with our clients.
Of course, we consider the advice that we provide to have greater, or at least equal value in addition to the products we recommend. 
Thank you for this opportunity to share with you. 
Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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