Tips for Terminated General Dynamics Land Systems Employees

TO:  General Dynamics Land Systems employees recently terminated

RE:  “advice that is right on the money”

QUOTE:  “It will be very difficult for the people involved”, said Ken Yamashita. (source: CTV London)

We can help!   Here are some quick tips that will help you.  

1.  We would invite you to obtain your complimentary RETIREMENT BLUEPRINT to take stock of
where you are, and what your future will look like.   You and your family need to feel secure.  This Report will show you how much money you can receive annually, whether your money will last as long as you do, and will help you with the tax on this severance.

2.  Investigate what group benefits can be carried away with you.  This is a critical step often
overlooked.  We can help by making sure the costs will be competitive, especially for individuals that have ongoing health issues for themselves or within their families.

3.  Don’t sign anything! …. until you get our advice on the different options you have about your Pension.  There are several options that you need to have help with in understanding.  Do not leave money on the table.

4.  Review all accounts including your RRSP, tax-free savings accounts, mortgages (if any), life insurance programs, bank savings accounts, registered educational savings programs, etc., so that you will know the liquidity available to you during this transition.

5. DO NOT overlook the taxes on the choices available to you, so that you do
not pay more to the government then you do to your family.  Decide how much money you will need today, and what amount is available to send into your future.  We have a RETIREMENT BLUEPRINT process, that is unique and not available anywhere else, that will help you make these
decisions. Defeat uncertainty!

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