Three Reasons You Should Attend, April 19th 6:45pm

Here are three reasons why you should come with a friend, or send a friend, to our Seminar on Future Finances, this Thursday night, at the Lamplighter, 6:45pm


1.  TSX down 7 straight weeks, as of yesterday, longest streak since 1998 currency crisis.


2.  Standard Life discontinues guaranteed income product on Monday.


3.  Manulife decreases lifetime payout on April 29, if you do not already have a contract.


We have solutions that will guarantee your retirement income for life, and you should know about these BEFORE the current opportunity is reduced.  These changes are for life!


Reply by email to us at to reserve space. 

In my professional opinion, it is important that you attend.


Below is more information for your review. 


Have you thought about the source of your retirement income?  


Since 2008,


interest income from GICs has declined 43% and

annuity income rates have declined 26%

and pensions remain in a deficit.


but guaranteed income levels provided by IncomePlus remained unchanged …….


until this month.

 You are encouraged to act quickly, as the IncomePlus guaranteed lifetime income will be decreased within days, UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT OPENED.


Current owners will continue to enjoy benefits guaranteed for life, unchanged.


Now is the time to make a decision to guarantee your future


Act on this opportunity – guarantees are important.


Contact us at 519.670.3177 or email, to come in as soon as possible.

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Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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