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Good evening,
I'm pleased to provide you with this Report on your assets under administration with Wernham Wealth Management Inc.
This program is guaranteed by Manulife Financial, and is policy number XXXXXXXX.
This policy contractully reset April 19, 2013, at its third policy anniversary.
The market value as at that date was $245,471.83, a significant growth from the date of inception.
Previously, your Bonus Base was $228,000.  In each year that you do not request withdrawals from the income plus series, you are eligible for an annual bonus of 5% of the GWB  Bonus Base.
Therefore, the amount added in 2012 was $11,400.
Now your Bonus Base is $245,471.83.  
Therefore, the new amount will be $12,273!
This represents a 7.7% increase in the annual bonus that you will receive.
Your death benefit guarantee has been increased to $245,471.83, as well.
An increase of 7.7% in an annual bonus is very attractive indeed, in times like these.
You have contributed $228,000, and your benefit base used to calculate your lifetime withdrawal amount is $260,350, currently!
By way of comparison, the  S&P/TSX Composite Index performance from April 19, 2010 , to April 19, 2013  (same time period) was down 0.31%.

Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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