Here’s what some of our clients have said about us

What they said about us…. TODAY May 9th, 2017

All Wernham folks:

Thank you for the birthday card and greetings to me.  Also, it was great to hear that we’ve made some money already!

The card was appreciated.


What they said about us…. TODAY May 9th, 2017

Thank YOU very much for your time and help, Ted – our meeting with you was indeed beneficial for us, an eye opener indeed.
My husband and I are looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with you.

What they said about us…. TODAY May 9th, 2017

I absolutely love your process and the work you do to take care of your clients. Great job, Ted.

Terri Botosan,
President of Hub Financial

What they said about us…. TODAY May 3rd, 2017

Both Zena and I would like to thank you for the attention we receive from You and ALL  of your staff with regards to any questions regarding our investments and associated topics. We look forward to a continued relationship.


What they said about us…. TODAY May 3rd, 2017

I have known Ted Wernham for many years and during those many years he has always been responsive to any questions, concerns that I have had.  I consider him a friend and admire his abilities.


What they said about us…. TODAY May 3rd, 2017

Indeed, we do appreciate this service very much, and are quite happy with the Wernham Wealth team.
Thank you for all your attention to our accounts with you!
Maureen and Adrian Mulder

What they said about us…. TODAY May 1st, 2017

Awesome!!!  Thank you so much, Ted!

I don't know where I would be today if I hadn't made the switch.

Thanks again,


What they said about us…. TODAY May 2nd, 2017

Please thank Ted for Vicki and me.

We are truly appreciative of the wisdom, work and service that Ted performs for us continually.

We thank the Lord for him regularly…he is a blessing to us!

Thank you again,

Joe and Vicki

What they said about us…. TODAY May 2nd, 2017

Fantastic.......Thanks for all your care of my meager assets. I never worry about my future anymore.


What they said about us…. TODAY April 29th, 2017

Thanks Ted and all your associates for all the great work you have done over the years.

We are so relieved to know that our finances will be well looked after and that we don’t need to fear the future.

Your professional attention and personal touch to our affairs is really appreciated.


Louis & Jean

What they said about us…. TODAY April 26th, 2017

Hi Ted,
You never cease to amaze me. My quarterly summary is in and up again!
Love your radio shows on CJBK and AM 980. Wish they weren't on simultaneously, though the podcasts help that problem.
Damn, you sure know what you're talking about!
Thanks for the great work you do for us!

What they said about us TODAY... April 18, 2017

I would like to extend my thanks to you and your staff for the lovely birthday card I received from your company….very nice touch!!!!

Love the company and service.

Best regards,

Allison Prue

What they said about us.... TODAY April 13th, 2017

Thanks for the notes and we appreciate the opportunity to meet with you yesterday.  We appreciate your advice and the contribution that your portfolios make to our retirement.

Warm regards,

Doug & Barb

What they said about us.... TODAY April 12th, 2017

Definitely great results so far year to date!  I am very pleased. Hopefully, this trend will continue as the year progresses.

Thanks again for everything that you do in ensuring that Susan and I can retire comfortably in the next few years.

What They Said About Us …. TODAY March 28th, 2017

Thanks for looking into the standing of my account and being proactive, you guys are great.

What They Said About Us …. TODAY March 20th, 2017

We provided the client with their report and this was their response:

"Yes, and thanks so much.  I am impressed!!
I like the set-up, and I can easily see and understand how things are progressing.
We'll be in touch."

What They Said About Us …. TODAY March 13th, 2017

Dear Ted & Tom,
I can never thank both of you enough...but this is a start.
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out a few weeks ago. Whenever I needed sound counsel, you are always there for me.
This has been a challenging time and I appreciate both of you so much. You have no idea how much your help has meant to me.

Thanks so much for your recommendations and guidance.

What They Said About Us …. TODAY March 2nd, 2017

Carly- thank Ted very much on our behalf for having you forward all this valuable information for our meeting with our accountant tomorrow. We really appreciate the wonderful service! Thanks Again.
John & Joan McLean

What They Said About Us …. TODAY February 24th, 2017

"Thank you Ted for your time and excellent service. I appreciated learning more about my investments and the direction you provided."


What They Said About Us …. TODAY February 17th, 2017

Thank you SO much!!!  I can't say it enough!  I meant it when I said transferring my portfolio to you was the best decision I have ever made.  I always come away from our visits walking on a cloud and feeling very secure!  I am looking forward to getting on track with my "envelope" plan, which has certainly proved its worth in relation to the upcoming trip.

Thank you again,

All the best,


What They Said About Us …. TODAY October 24th, 2016

"Thank you for taking me on as a client. I greatly appreciate your wisdom over years of experience, your attention to detail and your gift to import your knowledge to others in a clear way. I was so thankful to be able to assure my father (before his passing), that things were cared for concerning my retirement income."

Mary L.

What They Said About Us …. TODAY October 23th, 2016

"Ted, Thank You! I sleep well knowing you are there as an advisor & friend. We had a good meeting. I truly appreciate your counsel."


What They Said About Us …. TODAY October 8th, 2016

"Today was my last day of work and I just wanted to thank you for your assistance and knowledge throughout the years of turning a dream of retiring at 55 into a reality at 54!"


What They Said About Us …. TODAY September 15, 2016

Thanks so much for meeting with us again. It was very interesting and helpful!

Also thanks for the practical and immediate follow-up email after our meeting to give us an excellent record in language we can easily understand.

Your knowledgeable advice showed us how we can alter our investments to allow an increase in our monthly cash flow now that we are both retired, without concern about a negative impact on our future.

We are delighted with your careful management of our portfolio for consistent increase even in a fluctuating market.

Your warmth and expertise makes us very glad we came to you some years ago.

Thank you.
John & Gillian

What They Said About Us .... TODAY Apr 8, 2016

"Ted,  You have done a wonderful job pointing both Joan and me in the right directions on our investments- We are extremely pleased!"

What They Said About Us ... TODAY April 8 2016


Talk soon and thanks for the account summaries that came in the mail today - look great.



What They Said About Us... December 15th 2015

Your success is a manifestation of your indomitable will, generosity of spirit & intellectual strength.
It is a privilege to work with you.
I refer to you often as an example of someone who has the insight & courage to redefine performance at a stage of life when many men give up & accept the concept of a lesser self.
You are one of my heroes.
-- Norm Trainor
President and CEO, The Covenant Group

What They Said About Us... November 19th 2015

Ted...thank you so much for your very kind words and congratulations once again for taking home the award last night.   You are a class act and I admire not only your consistent success but also the way you treat others.

-- Gary Lesyk

Vice President & Head of Strategic Key Accounts, Canadian Division at Manulife Financial

What They Said About Us... October 26th 2015

On a personal note, both Susan and I would like to thank you for walking us through this very complex process of establishing guaranteed income for life. We are both proud and excited to be a part of the Wernham Wealth Management team and look forward to your continued advice and support as we work towards a worry free retirement goal.
-- Tim and Susan

What They Said About Us... October 30th 2015

Ted, over the years, we have had three different investment advisors.  After being with you for the past three years, and having enjoyed your advice and results, I can simply say that we wish that you were our first investment advisor. Thank you!"

What They Said About Us... October 26th 2015

You run such a tremendously professional operation.  Thank you for your insights and your support.



Senior Vice-President & Chief Investment Officer, Empire Life



What They Said About Us... October 27th 2015

Many thanks for the update!

Cindy and I really appreciate the way you, Ted and Wernham staff are looking after us.

First rate!

-- Tom and Cindy

What They Said About Us... September 23rd 2015

I will also indicate that Wernham Wealth Management is a company that we highly recommend for those donors who are seeking a person of high integrity and will serve and respect their financial needs.
Enjoy this wonderful day.
Most Sincerely,
Sue Barnes  CFRE
Senior Development Officer
St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation

What They Said About Us... September 10, 2015

Thank you for your kind words on my birthday.
Also many thanks for maintaining my portfolio in a difficult year.
-- Joan

What They Said About Us... July 17th, 2015

Duly noted Ted.
The paperwork came in today and I saw the withdrawals , knowing that these withdrawals were the harvesting of growth .
A brilliant but pure common sense strategy.
Thank you Ted,    Thank You !    Your simply the very best !
-- Dan

What They Said About Us... July 9th 2015

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work and for the good news, I received a Birthday card too.  A special thank you goes to Ted.
I really appreciate your hard work , I know, it's a team effort.

-- Joe

What They Said About Us... July 15th 2015

That's why you are #1 for us.  Thanks for looking after our money.

-- Duane

What They Said About Us... July 14th 2015

Ted ... The real wise move was having you look after us ...thank you
-- Fraser and Connie

What They Said About Us... July 7th 2015

Thank you Ted for helping us with our investments, it is nice to know that you connect with us on a regular basis via email and that you also send us monthly reports. This is a service that we did not have from other companies, what a wonderful difference it makes. You are the best!
-- Don and Marilyn

What They Said About Us ... June 24th 2015

... we have received the year summary and are both very impressed with the work you have done on our behalf, and the monetary gains we have achieved.  Thanks for your efforts.

-- Paul and Marjorie

What They Said About Us at the Canada Sales Congress on May 20th 2015

Dear Ted,

My congratulations, again, to you on a superb presentation at the Canada Sales Congress on Wednesday, May 20.  As I said to you after the presentation, in my mind, what you provided was a main platform presentation at the Million Dollar Round Table and I will be very surprised if you do not get an invitation at some point in the future to make that presentation.  You provided everyone in the audience with your own example of the power of overcoming and why character is such an important part of success in business.  Well done!

-- Art


Hello Ted,

The 2015 Canada Sales Congress has been an outstanding event! And you were one of the reason of this.

On a personal note I think that you presentation was the best “life message” possible for a life insurance congress.

Not being in life insurance 24 years ago when I launched my company I was touched over the following years by this message: life insurance is about caring. You are the living proof of this message.

Thank you for your presence and for having shared your message.

-- Serge

What They Said About Us... April 2nd 2015

We are worry free, as our portfolio is in very capable hands... and we thank you so much the day we walked into your office and were given the best advice.

-- John and Joan

What They Said About Us... March 31st 2015

Thank you again for how well you serve us & continue to look after our best interests.

-- Dave and Agatha

What They Said About Us ... March 22nd 2015

Appreciate your hard work you have done for me making my retirement secure.

-- Louis

What They Said About Us... March 12th 2015

It is an honour to be associated with you.

-- Daniel

What They Said About Us ... February 16th 2015

Thank you, Ted, for the good news and the good work you have done so far with our investments.  We are very happy and thankful for having you as our financial advisor and as a friend.

We agree with you we should harvest that growth as we discussed when we met with you last.

-- Joe

What They Said About Our February Workshop

Ted is always excellent!  Great knowledge. -- M.S.

Very good presentation. -- F. J.

Very well structured. -- K.V.

Excellent!! Very informative. -- R.N.

Helpful as always. -- L.W.

As always, I learn more each time I come to the seminars.  Thank you. -- J.R.

What They Said About Us ... February 2015

Words can never express our deepest appreciation in all that you and your staff have set up for us in our early retirement years.  Many, many thanks again.

-- Jim & Laura

What They Said About Us ... January 28th 2015

Thanks for the follow up, we received the year end reports same day as your email, good timing.  We are very pleased with the results and everyone that is part of Wernham Wealth Management.
Thanks again for the great service!
-- Tom

What They Said About Us ... January 26th 2015

We are very pleased with the service we have received and the great advice we have been given. I think that Ted answered all of our questions when we met.

Thanks for your service to us.

-- Peter and Joanne

What They Said About Us ... December 16, 2014

Not only has Ted shared his infinite knowledge with us, more importantly he has demonstrated by action planning that has produced tremendous growth way beyond our expectations.  His calm yet calculated approach to our needs have eliminated the anxiety we once felt with other financial planners.  He leaves no stone unturned to help you achieve the retirement income you will need for the rest of your life so that you may have a happy and safe retirement.  He thinks like a customer, and is always one step ahead of your needs.  He provides "Service that excels."  Don't for one second hesitate to go to Ted for financial advice.  Get a second opinion of your current situation, its free and you have nothing to lose and believe me everything to gain!

-- Daniel and Shelley

What They Said About Us .. December 16, 2014

The service you provide is awesome compared to your competition. You I can trust, others not so much... Also your results are much, much better than your competition.

-- Wayne

What They Said About Us ... December 11, 2014

I would say the service and advice that Ted has gives me since coming to his firm and the extent of the information he has provide is always top notch and anytime I email or call I usually receive an answer promptly, Ted has went beyond in pointing out options available to me currently while nearing the possibility of retirement.

-- Ed

What They Said About Us ... December 5, 2014

I am very pleased with the progress made on transfers and managing current accounts. My confidence in your team increases with every review.

-- Tamara

What They Said About Us ... December 3, 2014

Your services are excellent and I no longer worry about what is going to happen with my money (no more sleepless nights) you just keep making my money grow.

-- Carol

What They Said About Us ... December 2014

I would like to express my appreciation.  Prior to moving my funds to your organization I never heard from the institution holding my investments.  Now, I speak with you twice a year to learn about new developments and consider any adjustment.  This have been a very positive change for me.  Thank you!

-- Pam

What They Said About Us ... December 2014

Just wanted to let you know that I'm very appreciative of all your efforts in managing my funds.  The returns I'm seeing are far better than I was used to getting at another institution before moving over to you.

-- Gord

What They Said About Us ... December 2, 2014

We are so pleased that we have entrusted you to manage our finances at such a critical time in our lives. Your knowledge and guidance are appreciated in times when this is so important. A blessed Christmas to you and your entire family.

-- Graham and Linda

What They Said About Us ... December 4, 2014

We are so impressed with the service you provide for us.  We appreciate your patience in explaining everything in detail.  I wish we could go back 30 years knowing what we know now.

-- David and Agatha

What They Said About Us ... November 30, 2014

thanks again Ted, for all the informative and important advice that John and I were given.  ....and for reinforcing our serenity in our retirement years for us to enjoy.
Once again, a Job Well Done......

What They Said About Us ... November 25, 2014

Ted gives you a peace of mind with your financial future. Its a difficult process to determine how much to save versus how much you can spend approaching and being in retirement, Ted smooths the road and gives confidence to the decisions.

-- Fred

What They Said About Us ... November 25, 2014

As always, Ted, your presentation, listening to our questions, giving us the answers are 100%.  Dealing with you and your staff is always a real pleasure and the results you've obtained with our funds speak for themselves.  We strongly recommend you to everyone who is interested in protecting their hard earned money, watching it grow and feel more than comfortable about their investments over the long run.

-- John and Joan

What They Said About Us ... November 25, 2014

I so very much appreciate all of the time that you have taken to clearly explain things.  It has been an invaluable experience for me.
-- Karen

What They Said About Us ... October 19, 2014

We were just commenting the other day, how much we have appreciated your patience and understanding ways in preparing our retirement portfolio.
We would like to express from our hearts a BIG THANK YOU for the many times you have explained and presented to us how our income would be in our retired days. Your expertise on preparing us for those grand days of retirement is more than words can express.  Thanks again!
-- Jim and Laura

What They Said About Us ... June 2, 2014

Thanks Ted. Having peace of mind has been wonderful over the last several months let alone how well the investments are doing! Thank-you to you and your staff for paying so much attention to our money - I think it's the first time ever we have been in this situation.

What They Said About Us ... May 5, 2014

Linda and I are extremely pleased with everything you do for us and your dedication and consideration toward your clients. I have never seen a business that responds so promptly to our phone calls, and that is so much appreciated!

-- Graham and Linda

What They Said About Us ... August 5, 2014

Thanks, Ted, for all the organization and talent that you bring. Finally after 20 years I feel good about the direction we are going

-- Bernard

What They Said About Us ... August 23, 2014

We just wanted to express our thanks for being so patient with us and meeting our needs with an evening appointment. Please express our thanks to Ted. We are so relieved to know that our finances will be well looked after and that we don't need to fear the future! It has taken a great stress off of us.

-- Peter and Joanne