Sleep Well and Prosper - An Actual Client Case

Our client deposited $78,413 in RRSP funds with IncomePlus on March 10, 2008. 

She was one of our first IncomePlus clients, with both deposits and lifetime income guarantees.

The TSX/Composite from March 10, 2008 until May 18, 2012 has decreased by over 16.5%.

Not a concern for our client!

The cash value of her contract today is $85,122.38 but


Her GUARANTEED withdrawal balance is $94,384.43, with income guaranteed for life.

Her GUARANTEED death benefit balance is $84,184.30, with no probate fees.

 (In this case, her market value is greater and would be provided)

What an advantage in times like these.  Our client is sleeping well and prospering.

Worried about your investments? 

  • lowest bond yields in 112 years
  • lowest TSX in seven months
  • gold is plunging
  • rattled by Euro Zone bankruptcy chaos

Our clients have peace of mind.  You can sleep well and prosper, too. 

Ask about our RETIREMENT BLUEPRINT planning process.

For those of you with IncomePlus guarantees, congratulations!

With our service and advice, this client has guaranteed income for life, guaranteed Estate values, and is NOT stressed about the Market plummet this week.

 As our client, you can sleep well tonight.

 If you know of others who will not, tell them to OUTSOURCE THE STRESS – contact us at

 Retirement income is more important than retirement assets!

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Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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