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A common sense approach

The Retirement Blueprint is your first step in realizing the retirement you want, for as long as you live. It’s a valuable process that takes a holistic approach to financial planning. The Retirement Blueprint is all process, no product! It’s a common sense approach to planning that is 100% FREE, with no obligation.

  1. Establish a baseline – The Retirement Blueprint starts by cataloguing your assets, your income streams and your obligations.
  2. Determine your needs – What kind of retirement are you expecting? Imagine the things that you would like to do: the entertaining, trips abroad and purchases. Next, find out how much each year’s expenses will cost you in today’s dollars to understand the retirement income you will need to realize your goals.
  3. Achieve your goals – Achieving your retirement goals is often a factor of good planning. Most people don’t know that retirement income is more important than assets. It’s also a factor of time and assets. We will help you determine whether you will need to increase the amount you are putting aside (and specifically how much), or the number of years that you work.

When you have the knowledge, it’s simple stuff.

When you have accumulated the knowledge, planning for retirement is not complicated. There’s just a lot to know. With up to 8 streams of retirement income—from employment insurance to RRSPs, old age security pension, CPP, company pension, TFSAs and more—you need to know how they interact, what the tax implications are, what to prioritize and in what order.

If, for example, you pass on with funds left in your RRSP and no spouse to give them to, your estate will pay income tax on the remaining balance. It’s almost always better to exhaust your RRSP before TFSAs…but that doesn’t mean you should prioritize contributions to your TFSAs. Clear as mud? We would be happy to explain further.

Guidance. That’s our value to you.

Like some help in completing your Retirement Blueprint?

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