Pay Raise in Retirement? How We Can Make Things Better for You!




You have heard us on “Retirement Ready Radio”, at Bell Media 1290, remind you that:

“retirement income is more important than retirement assets”.

The first 2014 Client Reports for retirement income were produced this week, and here is PROOF for you.

Our solution pays out the guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Amount, or the RRIF Minimum, whichever is greater.

The larger amount withdrawn will not affect future guaranteed lifetime payments. 

PLUS, each of these solutions has an Income for Life guarantee and a Death Benefit guarantee.

2013 was a good year for our clients!  Look at these results!


We Promised

We   Paid

income increase 2014! 

xxxxxb RRIF



76% more

xxxxxxxd  LIF



32% more

xxxxxh LIF



25% more

xxxxxh RRIF



25% more

xxxxxg RRIF



9% more

xxxxxg RRIF



50% more

xxxxxxxl RRIF



11% more

xxxxn  LIF



11% more

xxxxxxxxs RRIF



50% more

xxxxxxxxs RRIF



45% more

xxxxxxxxs RRIF



81% more


We provide predictable, sustainable, guaranteed income for life, in a tax efficient way.



Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
Ranked # 1 in London by MDRT, the Premier Association of Financial Professionals. retirement income manager, Host Retirement Ready! Radio on AM1290 Ted Wernham