Our Professional Endorsement of the "Path to Prosperity - Sustainable Retirement Security" White Paper

If there is no change to our approach, all that will be left, is to take this action –

It is time to let members of the public sector pension programs know when their money will run out.

  • Retirement planning is not a do-it-yourself project.

 Add to that, the very heavy tax burden required from Ontario seniors in retirement, or planning to retire, to sustain the retirement funds of public servants and it will easily be significant Pension Tension for all.

  • Retirement is usually a once-in-a-lifetime choice, so one must make the right decision!

As a member of the Independent Financial Brokers Association of Canada, I take pride in
being able to offer neutral, factual advice and to increase financial literacy.

To offer a Pooled Registered Pension Program, has the benefit of focusing attention on
retirement planning.

Many seniors retiring today could be retired for more years than the number of years worked.
Where will the money come from?

We offer a unique service, through our Retirement Blueprint™ process that answers those questions.

Therefore, I professionally concur with the strategies in Path One, Path Two, Path Three and
especially PATH FOUR.

There are too many participants in pension plans today that are unaware of the unfunded
liabilities that exist.    This is a surprise of the worst kind.

Our “Workshops on Future Finances” ™ provide participants with the knowledge shared
in your White Paper. 

It is important knowledge to be shared with all Ontario citizens.

Those participating in public sector pensions must cost share the cost of the
benefits that will accrue to them, so we professionally support Path Five.

  • For many Ontario citizens, retirement income planning is based on a gamble, not a

At Wernham Wealth Management, we work to help our clients guarantee enough income every
year, for as long as they live.  This is a difficult task for many, who have not contributed enough periodically while working, to fund a comfortable retirement.

  • We support the White Paper.  We believe that it is “advice that is right on the
Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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