"Our Marriage Licence is in the Glove Compartment of our Car"

Important records are not usually needed.  At those infrequent times, unfortunately, many records are nowhere to be found.  The main reason is that these documents have not been "catalogued" or placed in a safe place. 

With moving, marriage breakups, just being busy, or simply forgetfulness; many hours can be lost searching for, or replacing documents, not often used but absolutely necessary, when required.

The irony is that today's technology is such that recording documents electronically is simple, quick and allows for easy reproduction of any misplaced originals.

To help our friends and clients, we have published a booklet to help you organize important information.

Titled, "Things You Will Need To Know When I Cannot Tell You", this reference guide is designed to help when settling an Estate, but it is also a handy repository of important document information.  We suggest that you take a rainy afternoon to complete the booklet for the benefit of those you leave behind, or even if you lose your wallet!

Scan those items that are important, or photocopy them, and add them to the this Booklet.

As one couple responded when we were completing this exercise  recently, in response to the question "Where is your marriage licence?"  "Our marriage licence is in the glove compartment of our car"  They had left it there after the ceremony, on the way to their honeymoon cruise, over four years ago.

Tough to remember exactly where things are, with that filing system!

Here is our Booklet, with our compliments!  Download Booklet

Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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