1. You can be hopeful, because we have a solution! (read on)

You know about the impact of ongoing market volatility and historically low interest rates. You know that you need income for life, guaranteed.

You know that the most difficult question to answer about your retirement income is "am I spending too much money THIS year?" Because you do not want to run out of money before you run out of life.

Since 2008, interest income is down 43%, and annuity rates are down 26%.

With the significant downturns in interest rates, annuity rates, and the volatility in the market where will your retirement income come from?

We have your solution. Now is the time to act. For those of you who have acted on our recommendations, and obtained guarantees within your portfolio, congratulations. You have your Retirement Blueprint.

For the rest, markets have not been as responsive, low interest rates persist, and economic conditions in Europe, the Far East, with strife in other areas of the globe dampen recovery. Choices, like current incomes, are shrinking.

2. And now, something else is happening.

We are receiving notices daily, about changes in product offerings. Retirement Income guarantees, while essential, are becoming harder to obtain.

Year to date, guaranteed withdrawal benefit products (GMWB) have been modified, or withdrawn from the Market. Here is a summary:

Transamerica Life – product offering closed

Standard Life – product offering suspended

Desjardins Financial – product offering suspended

Industrial Alliance – product offering funds changed

Manulife Financial – product offering modified

and just this morning, Sun Life Financial announced that their product offering would be suspended May 11, 2012.

What Does This Mean?

To those that took our recommendation to act, congratulations, you are safe.

3. Our strong recommendation to the rest, is that you very seroiusly review the advantages provided by the guarantees of Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Plans.

You should have retirement income guaranteed for life, with access to your capital, and with the potential of increasing that income to offset inflation

We can help you with your research, before the product is withdrawn. You should have your own Retirement Blueprint. Come see us as soon as you can.

You deserve guarantees in your future.


Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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