Here is your Proof of our Performance

an actual client case

We met in October of 2009. 

Concerns with previous advisor:

  • Volatility of returns on investments  and
  • poor service and
  • high annual administration fees.

We created a Retirement Blueprint for his review

He joined our clientele on November 2, 2009,

transferring retirement assets of $353,987

  • Income received in 2010 was $31,633.15
  • Income received in 2011 was $32,003.06
  • Income to be paid in 2012* is $32,277.33 (plus CPP and OAS in each year)

Death Benefit Guarantee today is $331,847

Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit Base today is $382,800

With our service and advice, this client has guaranteed income for life, guaranteed Estate values, and is NOT stressed about the Market plummet this week.

As our client, you can sleep well tonight. 

If you know of others who will not, tell them to OUTSOURCE THE STRESS – contact us at


*(with a contractual increase in 2012 of $1,093.78, greater than the guarantee.  A bonus of 19%)




Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
Ranked # 1 in London by MDRT, the Premier Association of Financial Professionals. retirement income manager, Host Retirement Ready! Radio on AM1290 Ted Wernham