As heard on BOOMER WEALTH RADIO, income that is guaranteed, for life!

Until now, no Registered Retirement Income Fund could guarantee income for life.  Watch this BoomerWealth Coach video link, to see for yourself. how it can be done!

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Ideally, a Registered Retirement Income Fund provides retirement income for life. But in reality, no RRIF has been able to ensure you would have this kind of security. GIF Select with IncomePlus is the exception – it’s the only RRIF in Canada that provides guaranteed income for life.

IncomePlus RRIF, the newest addition to our IncomePlus video library, provides a detailed description of the benefits available to investors who select the RRIF option within GIF Select IncomePlus. These unique advantages include:
  • A guaranteed five per cent income floor throughout retirement even if the market value of the investment reduces to zero
  • In years no RRIF income is taken (no RRIF minimum is required to be paid in the first year), a five per cent bonus increases the guaranteed annual income giving retirement income an initial boost
  • Automatic IncomePlus resets every three years that can lock-in investment gains when markets rise and increase future annual guaranteed income – for life
  • The flexibility to withdraw more than the IncomePlus guaranteed income amount to meet the required RRIF minimum without affecting future guaranteed stream of lifetime payments
Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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