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Please READ – My Important Lesson

June 1, 2013

I had a very important lesson this week.  My sister-in-law was diagnosed with
breast cancer 2 weeks ago.  This past Monday she had a mastectomy.  Her journey
has just begun as she will now have to go through rounds of chemo which will not
be fun and she has a little 2 year old girl at home.  The positive side of this
is I am able to see such an amazing strength within her and I can use her
experience to encourage and support others going through a similar

The toughest part of this for me is that my dear sister-in-law is sick and I
had not been able to sell her Critical Illness Protection.  For any advisors
reading this you may know how I am feeling and it is not the greatest feeling at
all.  I am not saying that critical illness insurance is a cure, but what I have
seen in my line of work is that stress and money can just make matters

This message is for everyone.  It is for advisors and those people that your
advisors have talked to about this coverage and for those who have never heard
of it.  Please hear me out.

  1. Advisors – I encourage you to talk to everyone about this coverage.  Do not
    be shy because I will tell you one thing that I know for sure, if you at least
    tell them about it, you can ease your own mind if something happens.
  2. Clients, friends and anyone who has heard about this coverage, Critical
    Illness Insurance, listen when you are told about it.  Research it, pay
    attention.  This coverage is for you!  You personally.  If you are diagnosed
    with a critical illness and survive it after 30 days, it is YOU that will
    receive the money.  We cover our houses our cars our IPods, what about our
    finances?  This insurance protects you and the financial stress that can be
    caused if you are sick.
  3. A critical illness affects everyone around you!  It is not just about you. 
    The situation that my brother has gone through with his wife’s illness is he
    just took his First 2 week, leave of absence.  NO PAY.  Yes
    that is correct.  His year runs July to July, he did not have any vacation left
    or any sick time.  His boss said, “Don’t worry, take as much time as you need to
    be with your wife,” yes but NO PAY.  So if you think about this
    situation.  My sister in law is off on disability, and now my brother has taken
    a leave of absence. 
  4. RRSP’s were not made to cover you off if you get sick.  This is what I have
    seen.  Critical Illnesses are abundant.  They happen every day.  What is now
    true that wasn’t 50 years ago is that people survive the critical illness.  We
    are beating the diseases the problem is that most people are not prepared for
    the financial impact of a critical illness.  What we see is withdrawals from
    savings accounts and RRSP”s remortgaging, increased lines of credit.  The
    financial impact is not pretty.  We need to take precautions now.
  5. My last thought for everyone is to protect your health; take care of you.
    Exercise, eat properly, rest.  Protect your finances, insure your most valuable
    asset, YOU.  Enjoy your life while you are physically able.  We never know what
    our life has in store and we constantly put things off that we shouldn’t.  Be
    financial responsible, prepare for the unexpected.   And the last thing I need
    to mention is Listen to your Advisors, get an advisor to help you and for the
    Advisors reading this, TALK TO YOR CLIENTS!  Remember it is not
    about YOU, we are all affected when it comes to a critical



Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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