A Bonus You Might Not Know About - Find out for yourself!

Here is a bonus that comes with our guarantees about income for life.  You should be advised that this is available and certainly, you should get one for yourself!



You made the right choice to assure guarantees in your Portfolio this year.

 Since January 01, 2011, the Stock Market (TSX/Composite) has declined 11.01%.

You chose a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) with us, guaranteed to provide you a lifetime withdrawal amount, regardless of market conditions.

How important that guarantee is in 2011!

There is another bonus for you this year, which we are happy to remind you about.

The Government requires that you withdraw a certain amount, regardless of a decline in the Markets.

Your guarantee states that you will receive the GREATER of the Lifetime Withdrawal Amount or the government amount that you must withdraw this year.

This upward adjustment will not affect your guarantees for your Lifetime withdrawal amount.

That means that this year you received $5,849.84, instead of $3,654.58, without affecting future guaranteed lifetime payments. This is a bonus of $2,195.34.

You will receive this in writing, by mail, shortly.


In a year that so many people will be ending up with less, your program with us provides you more!


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Ted Wernham
Ted Wernham
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